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Quarantine Is Quality Time: Book For Hong Kong Tour Package

When speaking about a tour, the first thing that comes into mind is a happy time. Bonding with family or friends is one of the best unwinding ideas that everyone would love. If you were to choose, would you prefer to have a tour out from Asia if you are an Asian? As an Asian, you have to pick it before going to the other mainlands.

It is best to discover the beautiful spots and tourist attractions of your continent before exploring the other. Check out the hk hotel quarantine package offers.

A Week of staycation

What else do you expect in a week of tour in Hong Kong? Would you feel that you are still at home, feeling safe and comfortable? Yes, the one-eight-one staycation room in Quarantine Hotel in HK feels different. You are like relaxing and resting in a calming place, away from the stress and burden.

The comfortable bed, a fresh room environment, and modern interiors make you feel like a royal room. Make your 7-day-long stay quarantine journey comfortable and fun.

hong kong hotel quarantine package

Package inclusion

Starting from the price of approximately HK$14 is good for 7 nights (1 person). It has these package inclusions:

  • Full board meal plan (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Welcome gift
  • Snack basket
  • Game rentals
  • Gym tools rentals
  • Wi-Fi access and more

These are only a few inclusions of the hong kong hotel quarantine package. If you are more interested, you may check out the beautiful dining credit offer.

Amazing dining credit offer

If you have set a budget for your day of the tour, it doesn’t mean that you should limit your food cravings. If you are already in the Quarantine Hotel, expect that you will get amazed by their beautiful food servings. Amidst the pandemic, probably you have missed going out and eating all your favorite restaurant foods.

Why not have a good time with the dining credit in the Quarantine Hotel? There are dining credit special prices that start from HK$3,000 to HK$6,000.

Dining credit is only applicable at The Tea Room. It has no cash value and can only be valid during your stay. Take all this opportunity to eliminate those 2 years of toxins of COVID-19. There is always another day, and that is the new normal that the people are facing.

Enjoy your visit to the Quarantine Hotel in Hong Kong, with you alone or with your family or friends.