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Fun Family Winter Activities You Can Do In Utah

The winter holidays are a time for family. Family traditions include having snowball fights and watching a lot of Christmas movies. Snowball fights can only go on for so long before someone gets frostbite and loses an eye or a pinky. Utah Winter Activities are perfect for families. If you want to know what you can do in Utah this winter season, then read on.

Cross-Country Skiing

In the winter, cross-country skiing is one great way to experience and see Utah’s range of breathtaking landscapes. Utah has a lot of national forests that have ski trails that go through them, like Bryce Canyon and the Manti-La Sal Mountains. Most cross-country skiers who visit Utah love Park City but there are also other spots to visit that offer this kind of activity for the entire family.


If you have been spending the majority of your time on the slopes and want to relax, then you can go for a snowshoe walk. This is best done early in the morning. You can enjoy watching the beautiful sunrise over the Wasatch Range. And if there is snow at the time of your visit, you can always rent gear or seek assistance from a guide if you want to go snowshoeing.

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Snow Tubing

If going skiing is too much for you yet you are looking for a fun activity for your older kids, then you can go snow tubing. There are plenty of areas here where you can go tubing – from a small hill or race down a track. For adrenaline rush seekers, there are snow tubing sites where it is more than a thousand feet long.


If you want to explore more icy grounds in Utah during winter, you can always go snowmobiling. Utah has over 800 miles of groomed areas specifically for snowmobile activities. You can spend the entire day just enjoying the beauty of nature even when it’s cold and icy all around you.

Visit Ice Castles

And of course, you can never miss out on stopping by Midway’s Ice Castles. Each year, artists spend hours carefully placing thousands of icicles by hand to make these enchanted castles that continue to leave guests in awe. There are sculptures and playgrounds that are purely made of ice and they shine under a spectrum of LED lights. It’s a winter wonderland in Utah at this time of the year.

Experience Sled Dogs

Another activity that you cannot miss while in Utah during the winter are the sled dog trips. This business was started by Maren and Racer Gibson about a couple of decades ago with their rescued huskies and malamutes. Since then, more dogs joined the pack and they created the ‘Team G Sled Dogs.’

Aside from the ones on the list, there are so many things that you can do during winter in Utah. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan your next vacation and make sure you don’t miss out on all these fun activities for the entire family. Make the most out of your winter because, in Utah, you have tons of things you can do.