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Backpacking Information on Bahrain

Learn about backpacking in the ancient capital of Bahrain, a country of such cultural importance that it was once a part of the Kingdom of Saba. From its scenery and natural attractions to its unique culture and architectural treasures, this article will equip you with all relevant information on this most beautiful country! Start learning now!


Bahrain is a small Middle Eastern nation that has recently been experiencing significant changes. For example, it is quite possible to see skyscrapers rise in the capital city- Manama – where there were previously no high rises. The entire kingdom had come so far since oil was discovered in 1937 when they even produced their crude oil by now. 


Visit bahrain this month, and you may catch the nation’s premier cultural event, the Kingdom of Bahrain International Music and Arts Festival. It is a two-week festival that incorporates elements such as theatre, dance, music, and fine arts to celebrate the diverse culture of Bahrain while inspiring locals and tourists alike. 


However, it is not just in Manama that there are many things to do in Bahrain. In fact, there is no better place to experience true backpacking than this small Middle Eastern country. From finding ancient archaeological remains to exploring world-class natural attractions, you will be amazed by what you find in this kingdom.


The first thing to do when traveling to Bahrain is to find your ideal accommodation. One of the best ways to do this is by booking a stay at a hostel. This will give you the opportunity to experience life like a local in this most fascinating of countries. 


Once you have found your perfect temporary home, the time has come for you to really explore this unique country. Imagine for a moment that you are on an expedition through ancient times! This may sound strange, but that is precisely what it must have been like as we travel from one archaeological site to another in Bahrain. One of the first stops that you should make is at the country’s national museum to see ancient relics and archaeological findings. You can also go on a tour which will allow you to see so many ancient sites around the country such as the tomb of one of Bahrain’s most influential rulers, Dilmun Burial Mound, and Al Zubarah Archaeological Site. 

bahrain this month

If archaeology is not your thing, then finding natural attractions might be more up your alley. There are mountains and beaches galore in this Middle Eastern nation! You could spend weeks traveling from one breathtaking location to another. Among the places you can find here are Sitra Waterfront Park, Juffair Beach Park, and Budaiya Park.


Due to the fact that Bahrain is so tiny, you can reach many places within a mere few minutes. As a result, it even makes sense to hire a car and drive between different spots! In conclusion, you need to visit this country if you are interested in experiencing what true backpacking is all about.


For more information on the numerous places of interest listed in this article, please start planning your trip by checking out the following links: Budaiya Park, Juffair Beach Park, or Sitra Waterfront Park.