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2024 Guide to Visiting Rotorua’s Geothermal Hotspots and Geysers

The beauty of boiling springs, smoking calderas, silica terraces, and mud pits in New Zealand are popular tourist spots. And for those who want to visit the best hotspots and geysers here, go to Rotorua. The area now draws thousands of visitors annually. If you want to visit this year, check out these top five geothermal attractions in Rotorua.

Hells Gate

Visitors are always amazed by the bubbling quagmires and the splattering mud pits when visiting Hells Gate. Tourists can enjoy the viewing spots on two flat boardwalks as they weave their way to the Cooking Pools, Kakahi Falls, and the Mud Bath Spa. .

Orakei Korako

The Orakei Korako geyser field is very popular for its chalky-white slopes of silica-covered rock. The native Maori of New Zealand’s North Island considers this place spiritual and holy. The local women here used the deep-cut Ruatapu Cave for mystical birth as well as for marriage rituals and ceremonies. Tour groups these days glide across the Lake Ohakuri waters to check out pools and multi-colored rocks.

Te Puia

This is one of the most accessible geothermal attractions in Rotorua. This covers more than 60 hectares of land and is home to the Pohutu Geyser (the largest active geyser in the Southern Hemisphere). From the center of Rotorua, tourists can enjoy a 30-minute walk or 10-minute drive to get to Te Puia.

Waimangu Volcanic Valley

Several hiking trails in the valley go by the boiling pools. One of them goes all the way to the top of Mount Haszard and gives tourists a great view of Rotorua land. Some of the most interesting things to see during the geothermal walk rotorua are the acidic blue waters of the Inferno Crater and the steaming surface of Frying Pan Lake (the world’s biggest hot spring). Finish up the tour by taking a boat ride around Lake Rotomahana.


It will take only a half-hour drive from the center of Rotorua to reach Wai-O-Tapu. The most visited spot here is the spouting Lady Knox Geyser. It erupts and sprays 20-meter-high boiling water. After witnessing the amazing display of the geyser, enjoy at the picnic areas or visit the gift shop.

When in Rotorua, tourists will never run out of activities to do. The place is packed with attractions that both locals and visitors enjoy. So when visiting New Zealand this year, make sure that you add Rotorua to your itinerary.